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Fall/Winter 2005-2006 Volume 8 Issue 1

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Science and Spirituality: The Divine Marriage

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There are beautiful and wild forces within us. - St Francis of Asisi

Behind the existence of all matter is a conscious and intelligent mind - this mind is the matrix of all matter. - Max Planck, "father" of quantum

There is something "out there." Just beyond our perceptions of the everyday world there’s a presence, or force, that’s at once both mysterious and comforting.

We talk about it. We feel it. We believe in it and pray to it, perhaps without even understanding precisely what it is! A series of groundbreaking experiments in the last decade of the Twentieth Century unveil dramatic and undeniable evidence of a previously unrecognized form of energy, a Divine Matrix, that appears to link each member of our global family, creation, and the events of our lives in unexpected and empowering ways. From the success and failure of our careers and relationships, to family health and the peace of our world, these studies add to a growing body of evidence suggesting that we may actively participate in the outcome of the personal, as well as global, events of our lives. Reported by leading research institutions of our day, the experiments shake the foundation of traditional science, documenting that:

  • All of creation is bathed and connected through a field of subtle energy.
  • We "speak" directly to this field through emotion, beliefs, and prayer.
  • Through this field we are part of the healing in our bodies, and the peace in our families, communities and nations.
Calling it by names that vary from the Web of Creation to the Spirit of God, ancient traditions knew this presence exists. They also knew how to apply it in their lives.

In the words of their time, they left detailed instructions to the people of their future describing how we may use this invisible force to heal our bodies and relationships, and bring peace to our world; they are all part of the same force. Today we know the language connects all three as a "lost" mode of prayer.

Unlike the traditional prayers that we may have used in the past, however, this technique of prayer has no words. It is based in the silent language of human emotion. It invites us to feel gratitude and appreciation, as if our prayers have already been answered. Through this quality of feeling, the ancients believed that we are given direct access to the power of creation: the Spirit of God.

In the 20th century, modern science may have rediscovered the spirit of God as a field of energy that is different from any other form of energy. It appears to be everywhere, always, and to have existed since the beginning of time. Just as the ancients suggested, the Field responds to human emotion!

Regardless of what we call it or how science and religion define it, it is clear that there is something out there—a force, a field, a presence—that is the "great magnet" constantly pulling us toward one another and connecting us to a higher power. Knowing that this force exists, it makes tremendous sense that we would be able to communicate with it in a way that is meaningful and useful in our lives. Ultimately, we may discover that the same power that heals our deepest hurts and creates peace between nations holds the key to our survival as a species.

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New Products from Gregg Braden

Join us for an extraordinary journey bridging science, spirituality and miracles!
© Gregg Braden

New Book:
Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer
The Hidden Power of Beauty, Blessing, Wisdom and Hurt

For more than 20 years, Gregg Braden has searched for evidence of a forgotten form of prayer that was lost to the West following the biblical edits of the early Christian Church. Between 1998 and 2001 he found and documented this form of prayer still being used in the remote monasteries of central Tibet. In this book, Braden describes this ancient form of prayer that has not words or outward expressions, Then, for the first time in print, he leads us on a journey exploring what our most intimate experiences tell us about our deepest beliefs. Join Gregg on a remarkable journey as he explores the wisdom of these timeless secrets, and the power that awaits each of us . . . just beyond our deepest hurt!

Hay House Lifestyles, Jan. 2006 release, Hardback

New Audio:
The Divine Name:
Sounds of the God Code

Based on Gregg’s bestselling book, The God Code, this powerful recording is the result of a collaboration between Gregg and pioneering sound-healer Jonathan Goldman. More than 2,300 years ago, God’s name—the same name that we find coded into the DNA of all life—was removed from the religious texts that link over 1/2 of the world’s population, in order to safeguard its use. What would it mean if this name, The Divine Name, was re-created through a sacred formula of sounds that unite and heal? The power of healing and peace is available once again…

Hay House Audio with 26-page booklet, 64 minutes total running time.

New Spoken Audio:
Unleashing the Power of the God Code
The Mystery and Meaning of the Message in Our Cells

What if we discovered the power to change our lives, and our world, within the cells of our own bodies! Today, we no longer need to ask this question as "What if…!" Discover how our DNA is read as words and what the message in your cells means to you today! This non-technical and fast-moving audio was recorded live in the Hay House studios.

A Hay House Audio 4-CD Set
ISBN 1-4019-0624-9

New Audio Box Set
From Sounds True
The Gregg Braden Audio Collection

Where is human evolution taking us? To answer this question, bestselling author, Gregg Braden continues to break ground, merging the wisdom of lost prophecy and ancient prayer with the latest in scientific research on the destiny of humankind. The Gregg Braden Audio Collection is a beautifully packaged 7 CD set, bringing together for the first time all of his revolutionary works – including a bonus CD with previously un-released material, available nowhere else.

Recorded live in the Sounds True studios, 7 CD, Total Running Time 8 _ hours
ISBN 1-59179-251-7

New Audio Collections From Nightingale-Conant

Decipher the great spiritual mystery of how we Interact with the forces of creation. In these fascinating programs, visionary and scholar, Gregg Braden, shares the life-changing discovery that led him from a successful career in aerospace and defense to an extensive 12-year study of the most sacred and honored traditions of humankind. These two audio collections are the most complete representation of his research for The God Code, Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, and his 2006 release of The Divine Matrix.

Recorded live in the Nightingale-Conant studios, available on cassette or CD.

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The Lost Mode of Prayer

Excerpt from Awakening the Power of a Modern God
Hay House/Nightingale-Conant, 2005

"If prayer is so powerful, then why does it seem like the more we pray for peace, for example, the worse things seem to become?" Without bias or judgment, is it possible that what we see as an unsettled world of chaos is simply the Field, the Divine Matrix, mirroring our belief that peace is missing—our "please, let there be peace" echoed back to us as the chaos of life? If so, then the really good news is that our newfound understanding of how the mirror works encourages us to change what we say to the Field!

This is why the lost mode of prayer can make such a powerful contribution to our lives. Whether we’re talking about a lasting relationship, the perfect job, or the healing of disease, the principle is the same. We’re simply reminded that the "stuff" that underlies all of creation is a malleable essence that reflects what we feel! So what we choose to create, we must first feel as a reality. If we can feel it in our hearts—not just think it, but also really feel it—then it’s possible in our lives!

In the example of peace, for instance, we know that it always exists and is present somewhere! The same is true for health and happiness; they always exist somewhere, or have existed, in some form in our lives. The key is to hone in on these positive qualities of our experience, viewing the world as it already is, with appreciation and gratitude. By doing so, we open the door to a greater possibility. We have already seen what happens when millions of people pray for peace to come to our world. What would happen if millions of people felt the feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the peace that’s already here? Certainly it’s worth a try!

In 1972, 24 cities in the United States with populations over 10,000 experienced meaningful changes in their communities when as few as 1 percent (100 people) participated. These and similar studies led to a landmark study, the International Peace Project in the Middle East, which was published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution in 1988.1

During the Israeli-Lebanese war of the early 1980s, researchers trained a group of people to "feel" peace in their bodies rather than simply to think about peace in their minds or pray "for" peace to occur.

On specific days of the month, at specific times of each day, these people were positioned throughout the war-torn areas of the Middle East. During the window of time that they were feeling peace, terrorist activities stopped, crimes against people declined, emergency room visits declined, and traffic accidents dropped.

When the people stopped their feelings, the statistics reversed. These studies confirmed the earlier findings; when a small percentage of the population achieved peace within themselves, that peace was reflected in the world around them.

The findings took into account the days of the week, holidays, and even lunar cycles, and data were so consistent that the researchers were able to identify how many people are needed to share the experience of peace before peace is mirrored in their world. The number is the square root of 1 percent of the population. This formula produces numbers that are smaller than we might expect. For example, in a city of 1 million people, the number is about 100. In a world of 6 billion people, the number is only about 8,000! This number represents only the minimum needed to begin the process. The more the people, the faster an effect is created.

While these and similar studies obviously deserve more exploration, they show that there’s an effect here that’s beyond chance. The quality of our innermost beliefs clearly influences the quality of our outer world. This is where the workshop really begins!

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Gregg Braden's Product Listing


  • Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, Hay House, Available January 2006, a Lifestyles book, hardback, 2006.
  • The God Code, Hay House, 2004, available in hardback and paperback.
  • The Isaiah Effect, Random House, 2000, available in paperback.
  • Walking Between the Worlds, 1998, paperback, temporarily out of print.
  • Awakening to Zero Point, 1992, paperback, temporarily out of print.

    Audio Collections:

  • Speaking the Lost Language of God, Nightingale-Conant, 10 CD set, 2004
  • Speaking the Lost Language of God, Hay House abridged, 4 CD set, 2005
  • Awakening the Power of a Modern God, Nightingale-Conant, 7 CD set, 2005
  • Awakening the Power of a Modern God, Hay House abridged, 4 CD set, 2005
  • The Gregg Braden Box Set (The Lost Mode of Prayer, The Gift of the Blessing, The Isaiah Effect, Beyond Zero Point), Sounds True, 7 CD set, total running time 8.5 hours, 1998-2005
  • The Divine Name, (Gregg Braden and Jonathan Goldman, 2005 Coalition of Visionary Resources Award), 1 CD with 26-page booklet describing the Sounds of the God Code, 2005
  • Unleashing the Power of the God Code(live in-studio), Hay House, 4-CD set, 2005

    Video Collections:

  • Living in the Mind of God, Hartley Film Foundation, 58 minutes, 2005
  • Beyond Zero Point, Conscious Wave/Gaiam, 1 hour, 2000
  • Walking Between the Worlds, Conscious Wave/Gaiam, 4 hours, 1998
  • Awakening to Zero Point, Laura Lee Productions, 2 hours, 1992-1998

    Now Available through the Wisdom Traditions Offices, please call the Santa Fe Office:
    (505) 424-6892
    9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., MST

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    Dear Friend,

    Welcome to Translations 2006, the newsletter of Gregg Braden and Wisdom Traditions. Please allow me this opportunity to say a great big "Thank You!" for your patience with our media and communications as we learn to grow with our global audiences. During the coming year, we will continue to update our web site to make it more complete, more informative, and even friendlier. 2005 was an intensive year of media development, with a number of new products, including:

  • the Fall release of a new video from the Hartley Film Foundation (please watch our web site for details).
  • 5 new audio programs
  • our new book (Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, Hay House Lifestyles Division, Jan 1, 2006)
  • As different as our products may appear from each other, they are all designed and created with one purpose in mind:

    To bridge the wisdom of our past with the science of today, helping us to become better people and create a better world.

    As we find ourselves witness to the wars, earthquakes, fires and hurricanes that have turned the lives of millions of people upside down, it is clear that we have entered a particularly challenging time in the history of our world. Perhaps now, more than ever, it makes tremendous sense for us to marry the discoveries of modern science with the wisdom of ancient traditions as we embrace the power to change our lives and our world.

    I invite you to join me on an extraordinary journey bridging science, spirituality and miracles through our multi-media offerings.

    Many thanks for building our family,
    Many blessings,
    Gregg Braden

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    Surviving Our Future Through The Message From Our Past: The God Code

    What would it mean to discover the words of an ancient message, including the name of God, coded within the DNA of life itself? What we once believed of our past is about to change…

    A coded message, revealing the name of God found in 3,000 year-old-texts and powerful evidence of our origins, has been found within the molecules of life itself! Through a remarkable discovery linking ancient alphabets to DNA, the code of life in our cells may now be read as the letters of the Hebrew, Arabic and Sanskrit alphabets. Resulting from 12 years of research that crosses the traditional boundaries of science and spirituality, the existence of the message in our cells reads:

    God/Eternal Within the Body

    and reveals the undeniable facts:

  • DNA is an intentional code
  • We share a common heritage with all life

    Through the message we are reminded that we are greater than any differences that have separated us in the past!

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